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Homestead Wisconsin - Homestead Meats

Homestead is here to make your events more spectacular, your food more

wholesome and your home more inviting.



Homestead Wisconsin - Brit McCoy


H E Y !  W E L C O M E   T O   H O M E S T E A D.


I'm Brit, the founder and dreamer of Homestead, and it is truly a blessing to have you here. 

Homestead was founded in 2015 in pursuit of chasing my passions. I'm proud to offer my local community with grass-fed meats, artistic floral design and outdoor living design. I hope to inspire you to kick back, relax, eat well, entertain your heart out and enjoy the best seasons here in Wisconsin.

I want to thank you for visiting and I look forward to serving you.

- Brit


Homestead products

F L O R A L    D E S I G N

Madison Wedding Flowers

G R A S S F E D    B E E F    &    L A M B

Homestead Meats

O U T D O O R    D E S I G N

Container planting and Furnishing Design

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