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Farmer Brit | Lead Farmer & Operations Manager


Farmer Matt | Master Builder & Dream Supporter

I, farmer Brit, want to thank you for you interest in our farm and practices. I also thank you for your desire to know how your food was raised and the hands that raised it. I love sharing our story of how two designers became farmers and WHY those two designers became farmers. Hint: we wanted to know our food.

It is my goal for you to know how your beef was raised and I'm excited to launch a blog series titled Ask Your Farmer. This series will cover YOUR questions about our farm, livestock and why we implement certain practices. While I can compile a list of things I'd like to share with you, things you may not even know to ask, I'd also like to hear what you want to learn from your farmers. 

In this series I will do my best to answer your questions in a timely manner. Your question will be published and answered on our blog (because I can promise you aren't the only one wondering). You will remain anonymous, so don't feel like you are asking a 'stupid' question. I've asked many stupid questions to other farmers throughout this journey, but the only way to know is to ask.

 So, what do you want to ask YOUR farmer?

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