75 lb. Highland Beef Box | SOLD OUT

75 lb. Highland Beef Box | SOLD OUT


Feed your family well and save money!

Our 75 lb. beef box is perfect for those looking to stuff the freezer with our delicious Highland grass-fed beef at a bulk discount price. Highland beef is leaner than buffalo, pork, chicken and lamb when raised on a 100% grass diet.

The package includes |

- 50 lbs. ground beef

- 10 lbs. assorted roasts (~3 lbs. each)

- 15 lbs assorted steaks

Our Highland cattle are 100% grass-fed and finished on our farm. 75 lbs. typically feeds a family of 2-3 for a year.

Are you new to buying beef in bulk? We understand new cuts can be intimidating. That’s why each of our boxes come with a special gift with some incredible recipes to try for each cut. Get the best price and gain confidence in the kitchen.

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