Sending out a huge THANK YOU to all those that made Homestead possible!

Homestead Wisconsin - Madison Wisconsin - New Glarus Wisconsin

While a thank you is quite overdue we are approaching a season of thankfulness and we want to make sure we send out a HUGE THANK YOU all of those who have inspired us and helped us along this journey.

First off we want to thank those who have inspired us to create our adventure and follow our dreams, no matter how terrifying that has been!

·         Paul Morrison (Dad) we thank you for quitting the ‘day job’ so many years ago to pursue your passion, you have been a huge inspiration and a great support. Thank you for teaching us to follow our passions in life, even if it isn’t the easiest or most lucrative career choice. Friends be sure to check out his custom woodworking shop The Wood Cycle and be sure to pick up a copy of his new book ‘Tree to Table’, we promise it is worth the read!

·         Morgann McCoy we thank you for taking the step to open your own business so fresh out of school. You taught us that passion and drive can calm any critique about your ‘experience’ and that with enough drive you can do amazing things! Check out her amazing products at A Well Worn Story.

·         Elise Dettwiler we thank you for being another ‘Morrison’ that has taken on their own business venture and of course a huge thank you for providing images for our ‘About Me’ section. Be sure to check her out at Wild Mulberry Photography!

·         Amber & Preston Gable we thank you for blazing a trail and giving us the courage to diversify from our ‘degrees’ to follow all of our passions in life. We can’t thank you enough for owning your dream instead of following the traditional path of your education. Check out Back Country Winery for information on their beautiful winery. Their wine pairs perfectly with an evening on the homestead patio.

Finally, a HUGE THANK YOU to all the other supporters in our life! We truly believe we have the best family and friends around. You all have had such a huge impact on our personal lives and even though some of you have been overwhelmed with our business life we thank you for sticking with us as we pursue our new adventure. We love you!

-Brit & Matt