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‘Design for Living Outdoors’

Living in the Midwest means we are blessed with beautiful changing seasons. However, while many of us in Wisconsin enjoy the white snow, at least for a time, I think most of us are thrilled when things begin to turn green and we can spend our time outdoors again. Your time for enjoying dinner on the patio, or sipping wine by the pool, is limited and you should be taking full advantage of it!

So what does it mean when I say Homestead offers ‘design for living outdoors’? Have you ever picked up a Midwest Living Magazine or Better Homes and Gardens? The landscapes in these magazines have something special. They have an outdoor space that looks as comfortable as the indoor spaces on subsequent pages. The spaces in these magazines compliment each other, blending interior and exterior and invite dinners on the patio. What I aim to do is transform your outdoor living space into something comfortable and inviting, just like what you see in the magazines. Making an outdoor space livable goes beyond the design and construction of a beautiful patio, outdoor kitchen, or fire feature. Just like making a house a home goes beyond the floor plan, drywall and paint.

Homestead Wisconsin knows how to make your outdoor spaces somewhere you want to live when the weather is perfect. So what does it take to make them livable spaces? It starts just like it does when talking with an interior designer or decorator about living inside your home. Let’s talk about how you want to use the space, what elements will make this space feel welcoming, your aesthetic taste and how we can blend what you have inside with what you have outside. The great thing is that these elements can be added to your existing space; or just like if you are building a home I can take you through the process of creating an entire space for you.

Once I understand how you'd like to live indoors, I can start looking at the elements that will make your outdoor space just as comfortable as your indoor space. Just like your indoor space needs thoughtful furnishing design, I believe that a your outdoor space need the same treatment. Just like your indoor space needs features and details I look at how to bring detail and comfort to your outdoor space. That comfy couch that beckons your name after a long day of work is typically inside, but imagine having one that is just as welcoming in your outdoor space.

The goal of my outdoor living design is for you to live in your outdoor space as much during the summer months as you do your inside space during the winter months.