Frequently Asked Questions

A few answers to our most frequently asked questions

Q1 | What is outdoor furnishing design?

Outdoor furnishing design is similar to interior decorating/design. We select appropriate furniture, fixtures, and accessories to make your outdoor space feel more like your indoor spaces.

Q2 | What is edible landscaping?

Edible landscaping can be a few things. It can be replacing some of your hydrangeas with an edible aronia bush, vegetable garden layout or orchard design. It essentially just means incorporating edible plants into your home landscape, this can happen at varying scales.

Q3 | How did you decide to specialize in outdoor living design?

My degree is in landscape architecture, not horticulture. This means that my background and training is in multiple scale planning (from city street design to small plaza design) not in planting design. This background taught me how to think about spaces on many scales and how each space relates to the other. Outdoor living design on the residential scale is on the smaller end of my planning background but I enjoy it so much more than planning street medians.

Q4 | So if you are not a horticulturist how can you pick out plants for around my home?

I am self-taught when it comes to many of the specimens that are used in residential applications. I actually only took 2 plant classes in my entire college career and they were geared toward larger specimens used in city planting designs. However, I have always enjoyed working in my own gardens growing different varieties of plant material. It is here that I gained knowledge on what grows best in our environment, and I really enjoy finding new varieties that can be applied in the backyard setting.

Q5 | What percent of the flowers do you grow for your floral designs vs. buy from other growers?

I grow several of the specimens used in much of my floral design. Being an active gardener allows me to grow things that are great for cutting. However, I am not yet on my own homestead and grow much of my material at my parent’s home. This has limited me in ways. I would say I grow about 25% of what I use in my floral designs, someday I hope to raise 75% or more.

Q6 | Why do you raise multiple breeds of cattle?

We raise multiple breeds of cattle because each breed offers different flavor and leanness. We raise highland cattle and belted galloways because they are two of the leanest beef producers. Herefords are raised on our farm because they have a higher fat content and make a product closer to what you find in the grocery store to ease customers into grass fed beef. The last reason is I can’t make up my mind, they are all cool for different reasons and each have different temperaments. Perhaps someday I will narrow it down to a few breeds, that is for my consumer to decide, it all comes down to what you want to eat.

Q7 | Where do you operate your business’ from?

We are currently operating out of my father’s business facilities and my parent’s home. We meet with design clients at The Wood Cycle, my father’s business, as we currently don’t have our own meeting space. I grow flowers for floral design at my parent’s home and assemble the designs there. Our cattle are also housed at my parent’s as they have the facilities and the land needed for raising grass-fed beef. Someday we hope to have all these businesses operating at our own homestead. We are currently searching for that and hope the day will come soon!