A Small Business Owner

Homestead Wisconsin - New Glarus Wisconsin

a small business owner

As I reflect on our first year in business I am reminded why it all started in the first place. I never assumed I would be a small business owner. Quite frankly I said I would never be a small business owner and many can vouch for that. I came to that realization over my many years of working in very small businesses as well as being the daughter of a small business owner. While each person was so passionate about their work, it came with a load of stress that I never wanted in my life. Or so I thought...

As I entered the professional world of landscape design I started to realize something. I was working because I had to, I had a lack of passion for what I was doing in my professional role. I thought about making a career change; but, I just couldn’t figure out what that was going to be. I knew my passion and my ideas weren’t fitting the mould of my selected career path. I was passionate about making outdoor spaces as comfortable and liveable as the indoor spaces we live in, and I wasn’t finding that anywhere I looked.

However, like I said I never WANTED to be a business owner. I was afraid of walking away from a steady paycheck, I was afraid of taking a chance on myself, I was afraid of working all the time, and I was afraid of letting my clients down. These are things that all of the small business owners in my life had to face.

So, how did I become a small business owner? Well, with a lot of faith from Matthew, my family and all those small business owners that had surrounded me for years, that is how. I knew what I wanted to do. I knew what I wanted to create. I just needed the faith in myself and my idea.

So, in December 2015 I took the plunge and established Homestead Designs. With that I have found passion for my career like I never thought possible. I was able to bring my passion to the market and have people respond both positively and critically. My first year as a business owner came with a lot of learning and I must admit a little self-doubt. I truly appreciate the opportunities that each and every client has given me, to wake up and love what I am doing. You took a chance on me, and thank you for that.

As if one company wasn’t enough… it wasn’t for me. My passion lies heavily in creating outdoor living spaces, but it also lies in the details of events. Thus, Homestead Florals. This year was about taking chances on my ideas. I was passionate about serving a client that I could so easily relate to as a new wife, brides. I love creating floral designs that compliment such beautiful events and I am so honored to be trusted with such important days and events in people’s lives. I am looking forward to my first full year as a floral designer.

Homestead Meats, well that is a topic for another day.