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Homestead Florals believes in using locally available flowers whenever possible; but why do I believe in using local flowers for my design work?

The answer goes back to my roots, are you noticing a theme? I was blessed to be raised by someone who believed in the ‘buy local’ movement before it was even a movement. I was blessed to be raised to know what a quality product really was, and quality doesn’t just always mean more expensive. I am thankful that my generation, and a few before us, believe in creating quality products, using local resources.

Here are a few other reasons I believe in using local flowers for my design work whenever possible.

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I believe in supporting local businesses around me, even if those businesses are ‘competition’. While I have dreams of a large cutting garden someday, I do not have one yet and my little garden with limited options begins to make my designs stale if I don’t seek material from other growers. I find that getting my undies in a bundle about buying from ‘the competition’ is petty and there isn’t a place for it in my business.

I believe in the dream of small business owners. That little dream of growing flowers for a living takes a whole lot of faith to become reality. There are a few who stepped out to follow that dream, I support them.

I believe in the hard work farmer florists do. I speak from experience, farming is hard work no matter what product you are raising. It is a yearly gamble that these wonderful farmers put all their faith and effort into. I commend that and I aim to support them in their efforts.

I believe in emphasizing that buying local flowers doesn’t mean your floral designs are going to be more expensive. Buying directly from the farmer saves in transportation costs, handling fees and cuts out the middleman (which is never just one ‘man’). All of the exchanges between hands, the flying product across the country or across the world all gets added into the cost of the bloom. Buying locally allows me to keep my prices competitive.

Most importantly to you, buying local flowers means I get the freshest ‘ingredients’. Each bloom I buy was hand selected by the grower and picked at the peak time. Thankfully, for a wonderful network of growers who work with Fairfield Flowers I am able to purchase flowers the morning they are picked, for a wedding the next day. You can’t get any fresher than that!

These are the reasons I use local flowers in my design work. Thank you for taking a moment to read and learn more about Homestead Florals, and the ‘why’s’ behind my little business.