Homestead - The Name

Naming a business is a hefty task. A business name has the duty of portraying your product and defining who you are in the business world. When creating our businesses we wanted a name that spoke to who we are as individuals and describes the products and services we passionately offer our clients. With our passions and businesses taking place on a rural homestead, Homestead seemed appropriate for portraying our products and services and has a significant tie to who we are as individuals. Homestead describes a place we love, live and work and our offerings can be extended into our client’s ‘homesteads’ whether rural or not.

Homestead also defines who we are as individuals and how we fit into the business world. I am going to talk about myself specifically here. Life on a homestead has taught many generations of my family how to work hard and pursue your dreams, and that was instilled in me from a young age. My father ‘a farm boy’, left the farm to pursue his dreams, and has since created his own business. I am proud to be following in the footsteps of my entrepreneurial father, as well as hang on to the heritage of my grandfather and those before him with raising livestock. I see myself as very blessed to have an opportunity to pursue my dreams with the creation of these businesses. I owe it all to the generations before me that lived life on the homestead.