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Winter on the farm

There are so many blessings for a farmer, florist and designer this time of year. The biggest blessing is a slower season to catch up, reflect and prioritize a new season. After the snowfall a couple days ago I couldn't resist taking the time to get out with Banjo and breath a little. It felt good to actually soak in the beauty of this place that took my breath away on a snow covered January day a year ago. As I am starting to settle into this slower season I am sitting back today with my cup of coffee (hot coco + coffee + milk), to reflect on the last five months that we've called this valley home.

Since day one there has been project after project here at the homestead. The month of August we spent getting our home cleaned up and to a point I felt it was truly liveable. September, October and November were spent putting up our barn, moving livestock and bringing new livestock home. In December we started on our basement remodel where we are putting in a laundry, mudroom and a guest suite. As the finish line approaches on the basement reno I will be sure to share the final result with you.

While it is inspiring to sit back and look at all we've accomplished in these few short months I think both Matt and I are looking forward to a season of rest yet this winter. We have our eyes set on finishing our basement remodel by March 1 and then clearing our calendar of projects until April. It seems crazy to think that the last five months we've taken less than ten days away from a project, a stark difference to the last home we purchased together. We knew when we first visited this property that there were a laundry list of to-dos, but we are slowly learning that it's going to take time, and I am going to need to learn patience.

Life in this valley has been an adventure so far and I continue to appreciate the opportunities before us, 2018 is going to be an exciting year.

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