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a blooming partnership

We are so excited to announce that Homestead Meats has partnered with the Groeneweg family to bring you pastured chickens summer 2018.

The Groeneweg's are family friends and when I approached Bethany about adding her garlic to our shop (it makes it into all my recipes) she mentioned their new family adventure, pastured chickens. After a couple hours discussing the opportunities and hurdles of any new farming venture we decided to partner on this journey. We are excited to offer you a more diverse meat portfolio while maintaining our focus of growing quality beef and lamb.

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a word from Bethany

"We purchased our farm in February of 2012. Even then, in its ugly state of neglect, it was easy for us to envision our property becoming transformed into an agricultural oasis that would bless our family and hopefully others. Taking on the new task of raising meat chickens was birthed out of our broader dream to become good stewards of our land, and increasingly more self-sufficient, all while enriching our family life and teaching healthy responsibility to our children. 

Stepping into our first year of chicken farming, we have decided to raise Cornish Cross Broiler Chickens. The choice was simple. These birds are docile and calm but more importantly for us, the farmers, they simply are the most efficient meat chicken available. These chickens are known for being great tasting. In fact, these are the same type of chickens that the commercial poultry industry uses to produce the chicken meat for sale at grocery stores across the country. The differences between us and the commercial industry however, are numerous. Our birds will be raised humanely on pasture, safeguarded from predators by a "chicken tractor" and rotated daily. Our birds will also be hormone and antibiotic free. It is often difficult for small scale farmers to meet the demands of the government in becoming "certified" organic. As small scale farm ourselves, we may never have a certificate acknowledging our achievements in organic practice, but our commitment level to our customers is there all the same. For our family and for yours, we grow and raise all of our food sources completely chemically free, while using sustainable and natural farming practices."

pastured poultry + homestead meats

Partnering with the Groeneweg's was an easy decision for both Matt and I. We are strong believers in the pasture system and the Groeneweg's have the same mindset. We knew their chicken would be a great addition to our pastured meat palette as small farm raised chickens are rich in flavor. This partnership allows Homestead Meats to diversify without distracting us from our goal of raising delicious grass-fed beef and lamb. It allows both our families to maintain a high quality meat standard by allowing each farmer to specialize where they are passionate. 

how to get your chicken

Since this is a new endeavor we are asking that chickens are pre-ordered so they can be custom raised for you. You can pre-order your chickens in our store. You can expect the same quality product and attention to detail that you expect from Homestead. Each order will be delivered by the farmer that raised it.

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