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Photo by treasurepeople.com

Photo by treasurepeople.com

the details

As a landscape designer I've always found myself drawn to the details. The textures, materials and colors of a space. Which is also why I've focused my design business on creating more than just the space, but also the details of the space. This love for details translates directly into floral design as each and every bloom is thoughtfully placed to create the masterpiece. I love getting lost in the blooms, one minute it's 7am and the next the sun is setting. It's true bliss.

my love for events

I've always been an entertainer. I love hosting events and I love each detail that goes into making an event spectacular. Something as simple as hosting a Christmas party or something as complex as a wedding. Each event is an opportutniy to create something beautiful. Flowers for these events demand detail, uniqueness and creativity. No event is the same and I look forward to each opportunity to create something special, whether for a wow factor or a quiet appreciation of beauty.

my love for weddings

Each weekend throughout the year is an opportunity to create something beautiful that speaks to the individuals that partner with me. My creativity thrives on a Friday in the floral studio as floral dreams come to life in a matter of 48 hours. This fast pace allows me the opportunity to fully invest in the creative process as each bloom is taken from the bunch and carefully arranged. The beauty of this industry is that each wedding is unique so there is no opportunity to get stuck in a creative slump. It's an honor to be selected to take a bucket of specifically curated blooms and create the bouquets and arrangements for such special celebrations.

when you do what you love you never work a day in your life

This is the truest and most overused statement for small business owners. But it's so incredibly true. I'm blessed to have found a creative medium that continues to excite me and make Fridays one of my most favorite days of the week.