Homestead Update | Hello 2018!

Homestead & Homestead Wisconsin

Cheers to a new year!

The holidays felt like a whirlwind between gathering with family and friends, and working on our recent basement remodel. However, I didn’t let the New Year slip by without some thought on where these businesses are going to take us in 2018.

A new year offers a new beginning and I am always thankful for that. I’m learning more about business and finding renewed passion, and new passion, as each year passes.

So like all years I sat down, pen in hand and wrote out goals and dreams for these little businesses. It always amazes me how inspiring this process is and I am on fire to get things rolling!

So, what am I looking forward to in 2018 with these businesses? Here’s a little sneak peak!

  • I look forward to opening up more available dates for weddings and events.

  • I’m excited to develop our online shopping experience of our meats.

  • I look forward to being more active on the blog to share more stories, projects and recipes with you.

  • I’m excited to host an open farm and studio day where we can share more of our business with you.

  • I look forward to growing our flerd (flock + herd) and am excited to welcome our own lambs this year.

  • I am excited to show you more of our farm so that you can feel a connection with us and our livestock even if you only ever experience our farm online.

  • I look forward to offering four season planter design.

A New Year wouldn't be the same without a resolution right? This year my resolution is to prioritize intentionality. It's easy when running three businesses to feel like I need to do anything to just keep my head above water. However, I've learned the last year that it doesn't help to just do, it only helps when I find intentionality behind the do. So this year I aim to be more intentional about business direction, customer experience and connecting with each and every one of you.

As always thank you for supporting this dream and I look forward to what 2018 has to bring!