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locally produced leather goods

I believe in using more of the products produced by our animals locally, while supporting other local small businesses.

I've partnered with two incredible small businesses to bring you leather goods sourced from the cattle we raise on our farm. While meat production is my main focus, I also want to continue to focus on improving my own ‘best practices’. My inspiration for the best practices I use on my farm are from the Native American people who were in my opinion the best stewards of the land. Much like they used every hoof, organ and hide from the buffalo I aim to find ways to use more from our livestock and support other small businesses like mine in the process.

I believe small businesses go further when we support each other.

Each of our products are crafted from hide to finished product within a 5 hour radius of our farm; bringing you a truly local product. Our cattle hides are tanned in a small tannery run by a handful of guys in Iowa that are passionate about producing leather the old fashion way, using machinery from as early as the 1800's.

What I love most about this shop is you don’t simply ‘stop in’ to ‘drop off’ hides to these guys. They will talk to you for hours about the tanning process, where their customers come from, and what product these hides become. They take such pride in the process, the relationships and their products that I always leave feeling inspired to be as passionate about everything I do in business.

After tanning our leather is delivered back to our little studio. Morgann - A Well Worn Story - thoughtfully stitches the leather into our collection of products right here on the farm. Her passion is sourcing materials as locally and ethically as possible. Our farm to leather story is the perfect fit for her small business and I’m thankful for her talent in designing and creating such beautiful pieces.

You can feel good knowing that your purchase of our leather products supports not one, but three Midwest small businesses.

The Homestead x A Well Worn Story Collection

The table is at the heart of the homestead. This special gathering place inspires our collaborative collection of handcrafted home goods, created using wood and leather salvaged from the farm.