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ringing in a new year at homestead

This is always my favorite time of year. I’m a dreamer and a do’er and I thrive on setting goals. So, this time of year always energizes me as I look back at last year and look forward to a new year in front of me.

Some of the things I’m looking forward in this new business year is: growing our leather offerings, maintaining our growth in our herd, posting a vlog on a monthly basis to show more of the farm and floral studio with you, welcoming my first couple to the floral studio, celebrating with double the couples than I did in 2018 and taking classes to improve my knowledge in some of my weakest areas.

A New Year wouldn't be the same without thinking about where you’re going right? Last year I focused on being intentional. It was a beautiful year in many respects because I left one thing to focus on. I developed systems for more efficiently running my business, I focused on what really mattered in developing this farm and I connected with so many amazing vendors, farmers and couples that allowed me to grow both in my business but also in my personal confidence.

Intentional thinking and buying is now part of my daily business routine. I find myself consciously thinking through every decision, how it benefits my work flow or my customers and I’m thankful for a year that helped me develop this skill. It conveniently translated into my personal life and buying and I’ve begun to find myself focusing so much more on my community than I did in years past.

With last year’s success in intertwining intentional thinking into my daily life I’m excited to focus on another area this year. This year I’ve decided to focus on balance. Last year the farm controlled our entire life. While it was a season, and really a much needed season for the growth of this business, this year I want to balance business and personal growth. I want to balance the amount of time I’m developing this business and the amount of time I’m spending with Matt doing things we love together. While it won’t be a perfect 50/50 balance, I’m excited to push myself to work less and enjoy our time together without distractions even more. I anticipate that taking some time away from work will help me develop this business even further than I could if I spent every hour trying to make it work.

I hope you’ve had some time to reflect on what you’re seeking this year in your career and personal life. Let’s make 2019 the best year yet!