Farm | 100% Homestead Wool Mattress Pads

Photo by Wild Mulberry Photography

Photo by Wild Mulberry Photography

Homestead Wool

I'm so excited to announce our newest product addition, wool mattress pads.

When we brought home eight fluffy ewes we knew with them came the annual collection of fleece. I was thrilled with the idea of our ewes producing wool annually as well as new lambs, but I knew NOTHING about wool.

The wool industry is completely new to me. I've seen many wool socks, wool dryer balls etc. being made by many local wool mills. However, in typical fashion, I want to do something a little different with our wool. 

Why bedding?

After a farmer friend mentioned bedding I was on the hunt to learn more about how I might take my wool and produce wool bedding. That's when I found a woolen mill in Appleton, Wisconsin. Quickly after visiting the website I knew I'd found my match! Mattress pads made locally by another small family-owned business was all I needed to know to pick up the phone and call. Courtney Woolen Mill has been in operation since the 1800's and has been Courtney family owned since 1904.

Not only do I want my own wool bedding but I figured you may just want it too.

Why should I get wool bedding?

Wool is naturally moisture wicking. This means that it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. So you can count on a good night sleep counting sheep! Wool is also able to be refreshed when your bedding ages. These mattress pads should last five years, but once they are worn they don't need to go in a landfill. Simply return them to Homestead and we will get it recarded into a 'new' mattress pad for you at a discounted rate. Your mattress pad can last a lifetime if you let it!

How do I keep it clean?

Do not wash or dry clean your mattress pad. They can be cleaned naturally by placing them in the sun and letting them air out. I recommend you do this every few months to keep it smelling fresh!