Florals | What to bring to your first floral consultation

What to bring to your first floral consultation

So you’ve found a florist you’re dying to work with.  Your florist is probably ecstatic about working with you because she knows if you can’t wait to work with her you’re probably her perfect match. So what is your florist going to need from you during your first consultation? Here’s an un-exhaustive list to help you and your florist create something beautiful together.

Details of your venue and pictures if you have them!

Venues pop up every day. Expecting your florist to have been to every venue is like asking if someone has seen every Disney movie, they may have seen a lot but probably not every one.

Details of your floral vision.

Again pictures are SUPER helpful here. While your favorite flower colors are absolutely important it is more helpful for us to see your vision in its entirety. Are you going for a modern, bohemian, classic, rustic or a blend of these styles on your big day?  Are you after flower walls or just some simple centerpieces.

Pictures of your bridesmaid dresses and your’s.

If you have pictures and the colors of your dresses it really helps give us a sense of colors and how we can best compliment your attire.

Colors of the groom’s and groomsmen attire.

Just like it’s helpful to know what color dress we’re looking to compliment let’s make sure the men look just as stunning.

Guest count estimate. Knowing roughly 200 people is helpful.

We can figure out how many tables based on these rough counts and can give you a more accurate proposal. We understand that 200 invites doesn’t mean 200 guests but it gives us a good place to start.

Details that are important for us to incorporate.

Lace from your grandmother’s gown you want to be wrapped around your bouquet things like this will help guide some of our discussion on these details.

An idea of your floral ‘dream’.

Centerpieces, arbor garlands, swooping garlands behind your head table, sprigs of green on every chair. Let us know what you’re looking for!

Your target budget

Now, this isn’t last on my list because it’s the least important thing to bring to your meeting. It’s the MOST important piece of information you can bring to your initial consultation so I wanted to end with this so it’s fresh in your mind. Knowing your budget helps us help you craft a design that is within your budget. We’d hate to send you a proposal for the $20,000 Pinterest wedding when your budget is $2500. Pinterest is the queen of stunning, over the top, unique arrangements and floral installations, but they don’t fit every budget. If you know what your target budget is we can help craft a beautiful day and give advice on ways to cut costs if necessary. If you don’t tell us we can’t help but propose everything you ask for, and we’d hate to give you unnecessary sticker shock.

So while this is not an exhaustive list it can help guide your thinking. It will also give you and your florists a good place to start discussions about what is going to make your day uniquely yours.