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Why Are Wedding Flowers so Expensive | Homestead Wisconsin | Madison Wedding Florist

the expense in wedding flowers

I'm often curious about what actually goes into making a product and the costs associated with the price tag. For me, it's easier to spend on a product when I know exactly what it took to make it. A handmade item from a local craftsman/woman verses something from the big box store is always my go-to but sometimes the cost difference makes me cringe. I love talking with other entrepreneurs that craft such incredible goods, after chatting with them about their process its easier to understand why the product costs so much more. These wonderful people want to make a fair living just like the rest of us, and who can blame them?! So if you're like me and want to know more about the process that leads to the cost this post is for you.

Today I'm breaking down the cost behind the blooms because let me be honest, I used to think that dang, 'flowers can't be worth that much'! Even when I decided to pursue this as a career I thought, 'I don't need to charge what other's in the industry are charging for an arrangement, I can do it cheaper'. Except as I learned rather quickly I can't make a living doing it cheaper and flowers in an arrangement are actually rather expensive. Let me be completely honest I was actually LOSING money my first season in business keeping my prices cheaper than the competition. I've learned since then, crunched more numbers since then and understand the time and costs so much better than I did then. So here it is the honest truth and the reason why the bouquet you desire costs 'so dang much'.

***I want to preface this post: these numbers are based on my experience alone, each florist has their own numbers to crunch so please don't take this and apply it across the board, everyone has a different 'number' (including you) needed to live their best life'

it takes time to create

Holy cow, time was something I took for granted in the beginning. The amount of time it takes selecting the blooms for an event, consulting with the bride and groom pre-wedding, emails and phone calls, gathering inspiration, placing an order, processing the blooms when they arrive, and then FINALLY putting them all together into a beautiful arrangement. That my friends takes a LOT of time! So, how much time does it take to create a $2000 Homestead wedding?

  • Consultation | 2 hours

  • Selecting Blooms | 1 hour

  • Placing an order | 1 -2 hours

  • Follow up conversations | 2 hours

  • Processing blooms | 3 hours

  • Styling blooms | 6-8 hours

  • Delivery and Set Up | 2-5 hours, for this purpose let's say 3 hours. Traveling out of state/area is obviously significantly more time.

That's a total of 18-24 hours of labor. Now friend, multiply that by your hourly salary (because like you I want to make a fair wage). What did you get? Save that number, we're just getting started...

bloom cost

So, here is the next piece of the puzzle, the cost of the actual blooms. I buy what I can locally and purchase through another wholesaler for flowers and greenery to fill the gaps. Now the final price depends on exactly the flowers in your bouquet but in general I find you need one statement variety, some smaller varieties (the more variety the better in my opinion) and greens. So, in general, things work out to about the same cost, which is why most of my bouquets are priced on size rather than the bloom 'ingredients' used to make your bouquet.

So what does an 'average' bloom cost?

The average bloom retails between $2-$6 per stem, with things like protea, hydrangea, peony and garden roses costing $9+ per stem.

To give you the actual numbers the total cost of blooms for a $2000 wedding is $1400+ in blooms alone. 

So, add this $1400 to your labor cost that we found by multiplying 18 hours by your hourly salary. What did you come up with? Are we close to that $2000, my guess is we're pretty dang close.

assembly supply cost

Then there is the supplies needed to bring a floral design to life. Here is a typical supply cost for a Homestead wedding.

  • Ribbon | $3

  • Pins | $3

  • Containers for Delivery | $3

  • Glue/Tape | $3

  • Wax Paper for Delivery | Recycled

  • Vases | $10

The supply costs total $22

add it all together

labor cost + $1400 in blooms + $22 in supplies = ?

Now, how close were you to $2000?

I really hope this helps

I really hope this helps clarify why the flowers for your wedding are 'so dang expensive'. I was in complete agreement with you before I took the time to break it down.

Thank you for reading and I hope this gives you peace of mind when you go to hire your florist.

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Why Are Wedding Flowers so Expensive | Homestead Wisconsin | Madison Wedding Florist
Why Are Wedding Flowers so Expensive | Homestead Wisconsin | Madison Wedding Florist
Why Are Wedding Flowers so Expensive | Homestead Wisconsin | Madison Wedding Florist