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Introducing our new logo!

With the move to a new farm and the collection of our business under one name it seemed an appropriate time to rework our logo. I must admit, at times it's hard to connect my meat business with pretty flowers and design work. It makes logos challenging but I'm in love with end result of our new brand image.

How the tree came to be.

When Matt and I were contemplating an image for our new logo we wanted to capture something uniquely ours. The topography of our farm was considered; however, even with our landscape architecture backgrounds this image just didn't seem to stick. After hours of frustration on my part, again trying to find an image that would blend these businesses together isn't a walk in the park, Matt mentioned 'the tree'. As soon as those beautiful words came out of his mouth, I knew we'd found our image. Since I'm a woodworker's daughter and Matt a sawyer you'd think that would wrap up the story of adding a tree to the logo, but there is more to this story.

Is there something special about the Homestead tree?

Yes, there is something very special about this tree. I'm the daughter of a woodworker and tree nerd, which means that I grew up recognizing that certain trees were extra special. These 'special' tree's were the most figured trees, the largest trees, and trees that meant something special to a family or company. Think American Girl, that iconic symbol of a bur oak on their logo. It happened to be a 'special' tree on their main location. Much like American Girl, Homestead Wisconsin has a special tree.

  Homestead Wisconsin is home to the state's largest black walnut tree. Yes you read that right, it's recorded in several books published by the state's arborists and is a tree that my father has known about for years. In fact, he knew it so well that when Matt pulled up the listing for this farm my father knew it as the farm with the largest walnut in the state. Now, I can't say it had everything to do with us purchasing this place, but I think it played a big role in Matt and my father's decision making.

We're pretty proud to have this specimen in the Morrison/McCoy family and we hope for many, many more years of it gracing our farm.

And just in case you are also a tree nerd...

You can learn more about storied trees and how Matt helps give these special trees new life at The Wood Cycle of Wisconsin.

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