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homestead’s new video-blog

Like all things in life, the more you do something the better you get at it. Running this blog used to be a challenge for me and when I decided last January to publish monthly I was TERRIFIED. I was always stressed about finding content to share and wondered if my writing style would be able to communicate this business of mine with you.

And you know what’s funny, now sharing with you on the blog has become rewarding and something I look forward to every couple WEEKS. So, I’ve decided to take this blog and add a new challenge, but a challenge that I believe will also get easier in time.

So today I’m sharing this new video-blog (vlog) series with you! My goal with this vlog is to share even more of homestead’s farming operation with you. I plan to use video to give you tours of our facilities, show my daily interactions with our livestock, and give you some insight into the life of a FarmHer.

You can find my videos on YouTube and can subscribe to get notified when I post a new video. Or you can watch for them here, on the Homestead Blog!