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What's better than locally raised grass-fed meat?

Local grass-fed meat delivered to your door.

What started with meal kit services has now stemmed into meat bundles delivered to your door on a weekly or monthly basis. If I'm honest I love this concept, what an easy way to shop for meat! However, I believe most of the options out there have missed the most crucial aspect of ordering grass-fed meats.  Knowing the farmer that raised it.

Why knowing your farmer matters.

As you've heard me preach time and time again knowing your farmer is the MOST important aspect of knowing the food that makes it to your dinner table is ACTUALLY what you think it is. Grass-fed beef at the local grocery may not actually be grass-fed the way you envision. It was likely raised in a feedlot like many other commercial cattle operations, not on pasture. Yes, grass-fed meats could be raised without ever having cattle on pastures, instead, they may be fed hay and forage out of feed bunks. Even some family farms may still opt to raise grass-fed beef in feedlots, not on pasture. The other misleading factor of beef is that beef that is labeled grass-fed may not be 100% grass-fed. Yes, you can label your meat as grass-fed and finish on grain.

So don't let those beautiful labels fool you, while some may be what they preach you can't trust it unless you know it. That is why I stress that knowing your food only comes when you know the farmer.

So now off my soapbox...

Homestead Meats delivered to your door.

I'm just like you, everything I can order online I do and free shipping is always better. This is exactly why I've chosen to focus my farm on providing quality meats that can be conveniently ordered online and delivered for FREE to LOCAL doorsteps. You shouldn't have to choose between meat you know and the convenience of your grocery.

Only local doorsteps?

One thing that will never change is my focus on serving my local community. Sure there are ways to ship meat across the country, but that model isn't a good fit for me. I desire to serve my local community with the local, quality raised meats, where you could actually visit the farm where they are raised.

I personally deliver each and every package to keep your farmer part of your family. Personally delivering each package also keeps me connect to my customers who are the driving force behind why I farm.

Do you actually deliver for free?

Free delivery qualifies on orders over $75.

Here is where I get transparent. As the only full-time farmer here at Homestead it would be suicide to my farm to deliver every small order for free. Each online order is pulled, boxed, wrapped, labeled and hand delivered. While I LOVE delivering boxes I still need to focus my time on raising the beef in the boxes. So even if your order doesn't qualify for free shipping you can get your beef delivered to your door for only $10. This small fee helps pay for the time it takes to process your order and get it to your doorstep.

Free meat delivery is available to the following communities.

Belleville, Brooklyn, New Glarus, Mt. Horeb, Paoli, Blue Mounds

Verona, Oregon, Fitchburg

Stoughton, Evansville, McFarland

Middleton, Madison, Monona, Waunakee, Sun Prairie

Monticello, Monroe

Live outside these communities? We have a few customers in the Winnebago and Freeport Illinois area as well as the Wisconsin Dells. Delivery to these areas can be arranged for a small fee. Or get a group order together of 3 families (each purchasing $75 or more in meat) and we will deliver to these areas for free.