Farm | Homestead's First Lambs

north country cheviot sheep

We welcomed Homestead's very first lambs!

Well, the day finally came! Erma welcomed two healthy lambs yesterday evening. Meet Cain, the firstborn son at Homestead, and Eva his sweet little sister.

While I wish I could say I watched the birth of my FIRST lambs, I was out running farm/house errands when I got a call from my brother-in-law asking if I knew about the lambs. Then a phone call from Matt shortly after letting me know 'they are super cute'... I asked all the good Mama questions, are they standing? Are they dry? Are they nursing?

Pulling in the driveway my heart was racing, there they were! The sweet faces of newborn lambs. I helped dry them off, though it wasn't too cold yesterday, as a first time lamb Mama I wanted to do everything right. Erma is an incredible mama, delivering these sweet babies on her own and is caring for them so well.

We have six mama's yet to deliver, who wants to make a guess at our final lamb count?!