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don't pinch me...

When I started this little business it was in my wildest, craziest dreams that someday my business' story would be shared in a magazine... well friends, today I flipped through Brava Magazine (a magazine that has inspired me for YEARS) and there it was, MY story.

Being the daughter of a small business owner I've grown up with an incredible image of what it means to craft a business around a story. Stories have power, they connect us with each other and I'm honored to use my business story to connect with so many wonderful people.

I'm still in the young years of growing my business I never considered that I really even had a business story yet. In the daily grind it was easy to forget that in a small business MY story is my BUSINESS' story...

So today don't pinch me because I only dreamed that someday my story would be shared on such an incredibly inspiring platform. I'm so honored!

Brava Magazine | Homestead Wisconsin | Madison Wisconsin

I want to send a HUGE thank you to:

The lovely ladies at Cherry Blossom Events, Andrea and Sarah, that believed my story was worth sharing, I owe this entire piece to you for inspiring me to be brave and embrace where I am along the journey.

 The incredible women behind Brava, specifically Rachel Warner for even responding to my timid email asking if my story would be worth sharing with their readers.

AND of course my #1 supporters at home, Matt and my parents who've believed in and supported this journey from the very beginning.

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Brava Magazine | Homestead Wisconsin | Madison Wisconsin
Brava Magazine | Homestead Wisconsin | Madison Wisconsin
Brava Magazine | Homestead Wisconsin | Madison Wisconsin