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In the world of weddings you will never run short of options when it comes to vendors. However, this can make your life rather overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right vendors for you. Not every vendor is going to be a perfect fit and your florist is no exception. In the world of wedding flowers there are incredible vendors each specializing in a specific style, fitting a specific budget and only a few will be able to give you exactly what you've been dreaming of. So what should you ask yourself and look for when searching for the right florist for you?

Determine your style

This is probably the hardest part of the process, seriously. Thanks to Pinterest it's hard to narrow down your unique style and overall vision for your floral styling. There is an abundance of options but only one option will speak to you, your event and your floral vision. Once you determine your floral aesthetic you can better search for your perfect florist.

To start you will want to determine if your style is traditional, loose and organic, formal, garden-inspired, bohemian, etc. Arm yourself with some images, then when you browse a vendors website you will better be able to determine if their style fits yours.

Start Your Search Early

I really can't suggest this one enough. Vendors book fast and you'd hate to lose your perfect florist because it was last on your list. The earlier you can get in touch with your dream florist, the better off you and they are. It gives you and them more time to figure out the details, and they are more likely to have your date available.

Ask for recommendations

Ask your friends and family if they have any recommendations, likely you've been to a wedding recently, did you like their flowers? If so, reach out and ask them who they worked with.

Did you book a photographer, a venue? These vendors probably have a few florists to recommend. If you ask another vendor you can get a very intimate recommendation and a good place to start your search.

Schedule a Consultation

One of the best ways to find the right florist is to sit down with them to discuss your vision. Make sure you've established if you like their style first, it's a waste of your time and theirs if they don't have a portfolio that matches your vision.

Do you feel understood after you meet with them? Did they seem to grasp your vision? Did their recommendations improve your vision or solidify you're on the right track? Meeting someone is gold, for you and your vendor. If you aren't a good fit it will become obvious to the both of you at this point.

Don't be offended if a florist guides you in another direction. Remember you're after your perfect fit and if they feel someone can better service you vision appreciate their honesty, they may lead you directly to the florist of your dreams!

Do you Love their Online Portfolio

Take the time to really browse through a florist's website. Look through their image galleries, do they make you swoon? Not every gallery has to speak to you but does one really jump out? Mention it to them when you meet, it's a good place to start a conversation, especially if you're looking for some guidance.

***Now I'd hate for you to get tied up in the 'serviced before' rat race put out by so many online lists but you may find your venue in your dream florist's portfolio. This is incredible if you can see their work in your venue. Keep in mind florists don't share every event they've done in their portfolio online, so you can also ask if they have any images tucked away from another wedding at your venue. It may be able to give you a good idea of their previous work in the same setting. However, with the number of venues available for florists (and other vendors) to service don't get tied up on if they've serviced your venue in the past. While it may be the cherry on top many newer, yet quality vendors, are still working their way through the hundreds of venue options in your area.***

Is your budget in line with their service costs?

Are you looking to spend $1,000 or $40,000? This question may be the most important one you can ask yourself. Some florists will share a rough starting point on their website, others may not share at all. If you can find pricing on their website you may be able to rule them in or out quickly. If you love their work and it isn't shared on their website, a simple email to them explaining your budget will allow them to respond if they can service your wedding in your desired budget.

When it comes to floral you can quickly narrow your search by being honest about your budget.

Are they able to accommodate your delivery/set up needs

If you're looking for a full-service florist make sure you ask about delivery/set up. Is your venue open the day before, is it the morning of? This may make a big difference on what your florist is able to accommodate.

A lot of florists will book a couple weddings a weekend, some will only book one. Your florist may have a team which allows them to service more weddings per weekend or it may just be them. If they typically service more than one you could also ask if there is a separate 'minimum' that gives you the ability to exclusively book them (if it's a smaller vendor).

If your event is out of town are they willing to travel? Are there extra fees for traveling out of their area? What would a delivery/set-up look like if they are traveling? Again, if they need to travel out of town be prepared to have a higher minimum if they typically book more than one wedding per weekend.

Booking your florist

When you find your perfect fit, don't hesitate to book them. Some florists may hold your date for a time while you decide, but some florist are on a first-come-first-served basis. Florists get inquiries frequently so don't hesitate too long or they may assume you've gone another direction. If you're serious about booking them and have a few details to figure out, stay in touch. Communication with your vendors will help them know how serious you are about working with them.

I really hope this helps

There are many things to consider when hiring your florist but hopefully this list gives you a good basis to start your search. I wish you all the best in finding your florist!

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