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Fall on the Farm

Fall in Wisconsin is seriously my FAVORITE time of year, and now that I get to experience the beauty on my own farm it’s now even more special. Why can’t October go on forever?

To be honest the shorter days on the farm have been somewhat stressful, we have a million things yet to accomplish before the snow flies (oops did I say that?!). We have fences to finish, barn projects to wrap up and cleanup around the homestead yet to do. However, the cooler temperatures are so perfect for working and are motivating us to keep going.

One of the things I love most about fall on the farm is the foggy mornings where cattle disappear up the hill. There is so much beauty that surrounds us during this short season and I’ve been trying my hardest to document and enjoy this time.

I’ve spent this summer trying to document changes

I’ve been trying to document all the farm changes this year through pictures, but honestly it’s really hard to grasp all the changes we’ve made this past season through images. So this fall I’ve walked our farm to take some video of what it currently looks like. Going forward I’m going to focus more on video… Perhaps I should get a professional to help instead as I’m very novice at this art. BUT, for now I’m just going to have to apologize for my shaky, unprofessional cell phone videos.

Sheep pasture walk

Cattle pasture walk