Farm | 10 Fast Facts From Your Farmer

Homestead Meats - Grassfed Beef and Farm - Southern Wisconsin - Greater Madison Area

10 Fast Facts from your farmer

Our livestock are on all-grass diets, we do not feed any grain.

Our livestock spend their spring, summer and fall on pastures.

Cattle and sheep were ‘created to graze’ as ruminants.

‘Grass’ on our farm consists of a diverse mix of clover, alfalfa, grass and chicory which offers our livestock the most delicious buffet throughout the changing seasons. Our pastures are crafted for optimal nutrition so that our cattle can grow naturally without grain.

We employ antibiotics sparingly and only when absolutely necessary to the health and well-being of our livestock. We do not treat our livestock ‘across the board’ but instead treat individual animals.

We practice regenerative grazing to reduce the amount of chemicals we bring on to the farm, any chemicals used on the farm do not come into contact with our livestock.

We have an ‘open door policy’, if you want to stop by to see the farm we’d love to welcome you. Contact us below to schedule a time to visit.

We harvest our animals on the farm to ensure the most humane harvest possible.

Brit is the head farmer and does the daily livestock handling, livestock feeding, customer communication, order processing and delivery.

Matt and Brit’s parents are helpful hands for hay harvest and building projects.