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Our farm plans for 2019

Better late than never, right?

As the queen of taking on too much in a year, it’s taken me some time to develop our plans in a ‘realistic’ and light-deadline kind of way.

BUT, I did want to share a few of the things we’ve decided made our priority list this year.

our hay and equipment barn

Last fall we installed all the posts for our new hay and equipment barn. I’m so excited to get started on this project. This winter we had hay tucked into every nook and cranny here and at a friend’s farm, so I’m excited that next season we will have all our hay stored here. Our equipment spent all last summer in the weather so it will be nice to have a place for that as well.

Livestock Barn Extension

I’ve already out-grown my original livestock barn. So we’ll be adding another bay for our sheep this year.

Water Line

Last season we set up our 18 acre pasture and this will be our first year grazing it! So we will be installing an above ground water line in order to adequately water our cattle while they graze.

Dry Lot

Our dry lot was thrown up two years ago, because we had to move our four steers to the farm ASAP. It needed grading last season and once that was complete we had too many things going on to finish the fencing. This season we’re hoping to finish the fencing and corrals in our dry lot to make handling and winter shelter easier on us and our livestock.

We are also hoping that we will be able to add a bunk feeder for our cattle and permanent feeders for the sheep. We will see how far we get with this. It is definitely lower on the list of must-do’s.


This is the job that never ends, or so it sometimes seems. We still have quite a bit of clearing to do in our upper pastures before we can finish some interior fencing projects and seeding. While I already believe this is unlikely to happen, it always remains on the list.

Farm Store

We’re also be roughing in our farm store. It won’t be complete this year but we’re excited to get things more organized for you to visit us!

it’s going to be another busy year

We’re (or actually I’m) trying to set more realistic goals this year so that we can reduce the stress that often comes with such a hefty to-do list. We never expected fixing up this farm would be easy, but renovating the farm has sure been quite the project. While the annual changes have been huge and rewarding, it can sometimes feel like an over-whelming, never-ending project. We’ll get there in time and I’m trying to push myself to be patient.

I will of course be posting our progress and projects here throughout the season, so stay tuned!