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Farm | Why We Decided to Farm

During our final semester of college farmer Brit was exposed to the documentary Food Inc., which is quite frankly horrific. Food Inc. documents some of the practices in the modern food industry, particularly the meat industry in America.

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Farm | Grass-fed vs. Grass-Finished vs. Pasture-Raised What the Label Really Means

I think most people would agree knowledge is power. However, our food system has done a really good job of disguising itself and today I want to take some time to give you a little more insight into what the beef and lamb labels really mean.

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Farm | My top list of the Best Resources for New and Aspiring Farmers

I haven’t been farming long, but in the last three year’s I’ve learned a lot about this industry through some incredible resources. Today, I wanted to share with other aspiring farmers/newbie’s like me what I’ve used to grow in my knowledge of the food system, grass-fed farming and marketing.

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