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hey there!

I’m Brit, the farmer, florist and founder of Homestead. I’m fueled by October, starry skies, early bedtimes and pancakes.

the story

When I graduated college I did what most graduates would do. I found a job that aligned with my fancy piece of paper. However, it didn’t take long before the dream I’d been chasing left me void of passion.

So a year and a half after graduating I found myself ready to chase a new, more fulfilling dream. I just needed to figure out what that dream really was.

In an effort to redirect my career and find my passion I quit my 9-5 and started my first company Homestead Designs, LLC. Essentially taking my 9-5 and adding a dollop of additional stress. At the time this seemed like a rather lateral move but looking back it was the best decision I ever made.

I finally had the drive to dream again, to do again and to try new things. That spring I followed a girlhood passion and started raising a couple beef cattle. I helped a few friends with flowers for their weddings and behind the scenes my passions where actually driving me towards a career I’d never even dreamed of.

I’m not really sure when it hit me but somewhere along the way someone said something, I got crazy or I was frantically trying to make a business work. How it actually came about who knows, but all of a sudden I decided to chase my passions rather than follow the path that tiny piece of beautiful paper had me on.

I dove head first into grass-fed beef and spent countless hours researching what growing a beef business would look like. I started doing more weddings and actually started advertising wedding services. All of a sudden I was on fire and ready to say yes to anything that scared me. I let go of my fear of 'qualifications' and started pursuing my passions and that’s when I truly began to feel satisfaction in my career.

After dipping my toes in the water of grass-fed beef, floral design and holding on to my landscape design business I finally felt fulfilled like I’d never felt before. I was told a few times that it’s crazy to pursue three businesses as one woman. Did I agree at times, absolutely, but I love this crazy path I'm on. In 2017 I merged these passions under one name, Homestead Wisconsin, LLC.

When I let go of what I thought I was qualified for is when I found that following my passions was the exact career fit I was searching for.

it isn't just me

I have an incredible support system, my wonderful husband Matt is one of my biggest supporters. While I run the daily operations of Homestead, Matt really is the driver behind the scenes. He inspires me to keep growing and developing these businesses into something better. Matt is also the muscle behind all of our farm projects; he even milled all of the siding for our livestock barn so it could fit into the design vision for our new homestead (I'm lucky he's as design oriented as I am). He runs the sawmill and lumber division at The Wood Cycle, my father’s business, and is so passionate about his career.

When we met at Iowa State University we had no what the University's slogan 'Choose Your Adventure' would actually mean for us. Starting a business has been quite the adventure and we look forward to the adventures yet to come.

why meats?

Well, this business was born on June 23, 1991, not really but almost. I have always loved cattle, I rank them #2 on the cuteness chart, right behind old grey dogs. After raising a hog named Ol’ Red, two sheep Simon and Peter and a steer named Sir Loin I knew someday I wanted to be a farmer. When Matt and I met he found his passion for raising livestock so in 2015 we embarked on our farm journey with our first two steers. With the recent purchase of our farm we are looking forward to more farming adventures with our small flerd (aka my new favorite word, ask me what it means sometime ;)).

why florals?

I'm in love with flowers, spectacular events and white dresses, it's about as simple as that. It’s probably too often that you will find me scrolling through Pinterest googly eyed over wedding pins and perfectly detailed events. After creating flowers for many friends and family it was obvious to me that I didn't want to stop, so in 2017 I pushed this dream forward and started creating the blooms for weddings and intimate events.

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