Homestead Designs, LLC is passionate about creating holistic designs that are sustainable, aesthetic and functional.

Homestead Designs approaches landscape design within the lens of landscape architecture. Landscape architecture is holistic, which means everything from spatial design, to the design of every detail and function of outdoor spaces.  Landscape architecture also focuses on site specific and user specific design. Homestead Designs believes no site or client is 'cookie cutter' which is why focusing on specific site opportunities is so important. Not every homeowner on the block live the same life, so their landscapes should not all be the same either. The lens of landscape architecture means paying attention to outdoor spaces within the entire context, so we aren't just designers of plants, patios, pergolas and fire features, we are designers of outdoor space. 

Creating site and client specific designs starts with maintaining a diverse material palette. We utilize edible, native, annual and ornamental plantings in our designs as well as natural stone, reclaimed materials, and manufactured materials to create the 'bones' of the space. Although these materials create great 'bones', holistic design includes site furnishings and other decorative features to complete the design 'package'.

Homestead Designs is proud to serve clients in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. We are excited to meet with you about your landscape project!

Design is where science and art break even  -   Anonymous