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You shouldn’t have questions about your meat

You should be confident that the meat you’re eating was raised in the manner you expect.

You deserve to know that what you’re serving your family and friends was raised humanely, on an all-grass diet, on green pastures and treated with care until the very last day.

grass-fed beef and lamb madison wisconsin - humane farm - grassfed

We understand

That you have questions and want them answered definitively, we did too.

We are here to answer your questions

After Questioning our meat for years we decided to join the farming community so that more people could have their questions answered.

  • We promise to only feed our livestock on forages, non-grain diets, which reflects the natural diet of ruminants (sheep and cattle).

  • We promise to be transparent about our farming practices so that you can be confident that your meat is pure and healthy for you and your family.

  • We promise to raise our livestock in a humane manner and to harvest them on the farm to maintain exceptional animal health and reduce stress so that we can produce better tasting meat that you can be confident in eating.

  • We promise to continue to learn best practices so that our meat is as delicious as naturally possible.

  • We promise that all of our meat is raised on our farm in Belleville, Wisconsin


Convenient doorstep delivery

for madison area families

Buying directly from a farmer is easy

With easy online ordering and delivery of all our beef and lamb products to your doorstep, you can eat confidently, easily.

Each delivery is made by farmer Brit so you can be sure your meat is handled with the care it requires to get it from our farm to you. 

How to Buy

  1. add your cuts to your online cart

    2. Place your order

    3. We will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your delivery

    4. prepare your meat confidently using our online recipes

    5. eat confidently

grass-fed beef and lamb madison wisconsin - humane farm - grassfed

We are your farmers

We're Matt and Brit and we are passionate about connecting you with your food and the hands that raised it.

We’re first generation farmers who started our farm with passion and a desire to learn.

We believe that meat should be healthy for you, the land and our community which is why we practice regenerative agriculture.

We believe that we have the ultimate responsibility of raising our livestock with love, respect and complete care.

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Their last day matters

we commit to using the most humane harvest practices available to us

We are committed to doing whatever we can to improve the lives of our livestock as well as improve the quality of our end product.

We are grateful to have a state-inspected mobile slaughter unit that allows us to harvest our animals in their natural environment. Harvesting our livestock here on the farm makes their last day far less stressful than hauling them off the farm; and is not only what’s best for them but without the release of stress hormones the meat is also tastier for you.

free meat delivery - grass-fed beef and lamb madison wisconsin - humane farm - grassfed

Our livestock

We raise cattle and sheep

hereford cattle

Herefords are 'Brit's Pick' here on our farm. We particularly love this breed because of their warm and docile disposition. However, most importantly they also are awesome performers of turning grass into lean and tender beef. While they may not be as common as Highlands in the grass-fed world they are also great grazers that thrive on this system.

Herefords joined our farm to offer our customers looking for lean but truly 'beefy' cuts.


scottish highland cattle

Scottish Highlands are 'Matt's Pick' and were definitely brought to this farm because of their unique look, long horns and exceptionally lean beef.  We particularly love this breed as they are exceptionally smart and docile, they've become our 'dogs' of the farmyard. Their long, shaggy coats keep them warm in our climate allowing them to produce less fat to stay warm than many other cattle breeds. This ability to keep warm without additional fat keeps their meat some of the leanest on the market. 

Scottish Highlands produce lean, tender and juicy cuts that when raised on 100% grass are leaner than chicken.

north country cheviot sheep

North Country Cheviot's, NCCs, are our newest farm addition. They are a dual purpose breed, meaning we will harvest for lamb but also for wool. NCC's have a wonderful, mild lamb flavor that is easy for our beef lovers to enjoy.

Meat lovers are talking

We cooked one of the Highland Sirloin steaks tonight for our dinner from our box purchase.


First thing we noticed - how red the meat was when we started cutting it up.
My first thought was - Is this liver?

We cut the steak up into pieces and sautéed it with a salsa type sauce and ate it with rice.

The taste and texture was unbelievable. I could have sworn I was eating Filot Mignon.

It is a special day today at our house because I took the last two steaks out of the freezer to grill tonight.....that makes it a big day because we have tried to eat them only on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This time we decided to turn the tables and MAKE it a special day because we’re having “the steaks” for dinner.
The quality of the meat is evident and the taste is even better. The meat is extremely flavorful and tender