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Leather and wool goods for your Wisconsin home

farm raised | small batch | wisconsin made

Designed for your Wisconsin home

The Wisconsin life is something special. From our roots in agriculture to our farm-to-table mentality and our shop-small focus we deserve to have products that reflect our Wisconsin values.

It is our goal to blend these unique values into a product line that is both functional and beautiful.


Homestead leather

salvaged from our cattle harvest

homestead wisconsin - grass-fed meat - leather goods - made in wisconsin - dane buy local

Homestead Wool

harvested from our sheep

Wisconsin Values

  • We design products that allow us to utilize more of the livestock we raise in a responsible way

  • We only work with small businesses that share in these values

Our partners

homestead wisconsin - grass-fed meat - leather goods - made in wisconsin - dane buy local

A Well Worn Story - Belleville, Wisconsin

Specialty | Design and Sewing

Not only is Morgann my sister-in-law she is also a talented seamstress. While we both have a passion for design Morgann is the one that takes each design and turns it into a work of art. Morgann crafts each of her products in our farm studio.


Specialty Leather - Boone, Iowa

Specialty | Hide Tanning

When I first met Jeff his passion for leather boiled over. Jeff’s attention to detail, passion for his work, and love for supporting other small businesses has made him an irreplaceable partner.

While most of our livestock are harvested for meat, we feel it is our obligation to best utilize more of the animal in a local and sustainable way. That is why we’ve partnered with talented businesses to use more of the products produced by our livestock.  Each item is crafted to enhance t

Courtney Woolen Mill - Appleton, Wisconsin

Specialty | Wool Mattress Pads

Tom has been such a great resource when it comes to processing our wool. His family has processed wool since 1880 and his passion and expertise in his craft shine through his work.