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Homestead Meats - Grassfed Beef and Farm - Southern Wisconsin - Greater Madison Area


We're Matt and Brit and we are passionate about connecting you with your food and the hands that raised it. We offer convenient online ordering of all our products BUT we don't want you to miss out on the benefits of knowing where your food comes from. That's why each and every delivery is made by YOUR farmer.

 Our farm is located just outside of Madison, Wisconsin in the beautiful, rolling hills of southern Dane County. We love to share our farm with our customers and strongly encourage you to ask any questions you may have about how we manage our farm and livestock. We love opening our farm up to visitors and look forward to hosting a grand opening at our new location in 2018.  We currently offer grass-fed beef and we look forward to offering grass fed lamb in 2019. Thank you for considering welcoming us to your dinner table.

our livestock

grassfed beef and lamb madison wisconsin

hereford cattle

Herefords are 'Brit's Pick' here on our farm. We particularly love this breed because of their warm and docile disposition. However, most importantly they also are awesome performers of turning grass into lean and tender beef. While they may not be as common as Highlands in the grass-fed world they are also great grazers that thrive on this system.

Herefords joined our farm to offer our customers looking for lean but truly 'beefy' cuts.

scottish highland cattle

Scottish Highlands are 'Matt's Pick' and were definitely brought to this farm because of their unique look, long horns and exceptionally lean beef.  We particularly love this breed as they are exceptionally smart and docile, they've become our 'dogs' of the farmyard. Their long, shaggy coats keep them warm in our climate allowing them to produce less fat to stay warm than many other cattle breeds. This ability to keep warm without additional fat keeps their meat some of the leanest on the market. 

Scottish Highlands produce lean, tender and juicy cuts in smaller portion sizes.

grass-fed lamb Madison Wisconsin

north country cheviot sheep

North Country Cheviot's, NCCs, are our newest farm addition. They are a dual purpose breed, meaning we will harvest for lamb but also for wool. NCC's have a wonderful, mild lamb flavor that is easy for our beef lovers to enjoy. While all our breeds are selected for their meat characteristics and qualities, our North Country Cheviot's also produce wool which we use to make mattress pads and more!

as ruminants cattle & sheep were 'created to graze' 

Homestead Meats, LLC produces grass-fed and grass-finished beef and lamb. Our livestock graze on lush alfalfa, clover and grass mix pastures during Wisconsin's growing season. This diversity in forage is like a perfectly cooked steak dinner for our cattle, they absolutely love it! Grass finished livestock produce lean, tender and nutrient rich meat that is just packed with flavor. As ruminants, cattle and sheep were perfectly designed to turn grass into delicious meat; I like to call it their super power.

healthy land - happy animals - delicious meat

Quality, tasty beef and lamb starts with healthy, happy cattle and sheep. We implement rotational grazing which is specifically designed to give livestock access to the nutrient dense pastures at their peak of flavor and succulence. Our cattle and sheep literally kick their heels up in excitement when they are rotated to a new grazing spot. Rotational grazing has many benefits to our livestock but is also better for our land by minimizing soil loss and improving habitat for other animals like bees, deer and turkeys.

 healthy land = happy animals = delicious meat

We are committed to doing whatever we can to improve the lives of our livestock as well as improve the quality of our end product. We are grateful to have a state inspected mobile unit that allows us to harvest our animals in their natural environment. Harvesting our livestock here on the farm makes the process far less stressful and is not only best for them but is also tastier for you. 

Beef delivery in Madison Wisconsin

meat delivered to your door

We love home delivery as much as you do. That's why we offer easy online ordering and delivery of all our beef and lamb products to your doorstep. Each delivery is made my your farmer so you can be sure your meat is handled with the care it requires to get it from our farm to you. 

Leather goods - Madison Wisconsin - Gifts under $50

more than meat

We believe in using more of the products produced by our cattle and sheep.

We've partnered with A Well Worn Story to bring you leather goods made from our cattle hides. Our hides are tanned in Boone, Iowa and crafted into leather goods back at A Well Worn Story's studio, right here at the farm.

We also offer products made from the wool we harvest off our flock each spring. Our wool is processed into mattress pads in Appleton, Wisconsin, into felting for our leather goods in Poplar Grove, Illinois. We also will be utilizing the hides from our market lambs as we do in our cattle to make another beautiful and locally made product. Our hides will be tanned and turned into rugs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We're proud to be working with such incredible small businesses that allow us to utilize more of our products locally and sustain-ably.

meat lover raves

It is a special day today at our house because I took the last two steaks out of the freezer to grill tonight.....that makes it a big day because we have tried to eat them only on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This time we decided to turn the tables and MAKE it a special day because we’re having “the steaks” for dinner.
The quality of the meat is evident and the taste is even better. The meat is extremely flavorful and tender, which makes sense the moment you meet Brit and realize how much she loves her cows

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