Pastured Chicken Deposit

Pastured Chicken Deposit


In partnership, we are happy to offer chicken that is spends 100% of its time growing on pastures.

Much like our cattle these chickens are able to forage on pasture grasses. However, unlike our cattle chickens are not able to get their entire dietary requirements from pasture so they are supplemented with additional feed. The Groeneweg's supplement their chicken's diets with antibiotic and GMO free feed.

This is the Groeneweg family's first year growing chickens. Help support them by pre-ordering your chickens for October. Chicken orders will end in July.

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4-5 lb whole chicken - $4.25/pound

***This listing is for a deposit only. Chickens will be weighed individually and you will receive an invoice for the balance at pickup/delivery.

We want to thank you for your support of Homestead Meats and the Groenweg's new venture.

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