Joyce Residence | Oregon, Wisconsin

My experience with you and Matt was one of great pleasure. The key for me was you listened. You were attentive, and understood and respected my vision. You used your skill for design, layout and visual appeal and made my house one of the more appealing homes on our street. Though I said 'do what you like', you maintained my vision. Or perhaps yours was so good it became mine?  Your design blended into my home's character and complimented it, not distracted from it, exactly what I was wanting to achieve! 
So many neighbors have commented on the overall presentation!

Wessels Residence | German Valley, Illinois

Q. What was the experience like working with Brit and Matt?
A.  Initially I asked them for a draft because they were recent graduates in Landscape Architecture.  As such, they would know new concepts of design, proper plant selection for location, disease or longevity.  
They listened to my ideas and vision for the end product.  The plan had to transition from a 100 yr old structure to a rocky native planting area.  The plan they created was spot-on for visual appeal and seamless transition.      
When we discussed specific plants, they were willing to research and modify the plan with different options.  Plants that were true to the design and honored the updated but vintage theme of the property.     
Another area in the plan was a walkway that needed some interest.  The end design was a horizontal replication of  a nearby vertical feature.  All this while incorporating repurposed materials.  Phenomenal look!!!
Q.  Would you recommend them to others seeking landscape advise?
A.  Yes, absolutely, without a question or doubt!