homestead wisconsin - grassfed beef and lamb - wedding flowers
Homestead Wisconsin - grassfed beef and lamb - wedding flowers

about the homestead

There is definitely a romance to living on a homestead; living where you work, where you grow and having family right there beside you.

I love working from our little valley, creating in my studio and walking out my front door to care for my flerd. It’s the best kind of living for me and I’m so grateful to call our valley my workplace and my home.

The Farm

Our farm is 55 acres, of which 28 acres is in livestock production with most of the remaining balance in timber.

I run a 5 acre alfalfa field for hay and have the remaining 23 acres fenced for rotational grazing. By most standards I run a tiny farm, but it’s ‘just right’ for me as I care for both the livestock and the land.

I’m passionate about sharing my farm experiences with other women pondering if farming is right for them. If this is you I’d love to connect, have you out to the farm for a cup of coffee sometime.

The Studio

I’m extatic about having my very own studio space/farm store. We’ve begun some work on the studio and we will be working hard over the winter months to get it in visit-able shape for next season.

The studio will not only be a space where I can be creative it will also be a space to meet with my very special brides. The studio’s second function is for the meat side of my business, we’ll see how those two blend together but I have some ideas.

I also share my studio space with my sister-in-law Morgann. Morgann crafts fashion accessories as well as my leather goods so if blending meat with flowers wasn’t hard enough we’ll be working on blending her business in as well.

The Bigger Plan

I’m a planner, it’s who I am at my very core. So, while the studio and the farm are on the top of the priority list, I’m also looking forward to adding a gathering space for farm-to-table events that will be surrounded by an orchard.